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Products >> Steal Brush Remover

Steal Brush Remover

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Product Name: Steal Brush Remover
Supply Ability:
Specifications 1.ter dimensions (LWH)1100600900mm 2.tal weight of machine
Price Term:
Port of loading:
Minimum Order
Unit Price:
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Hydraulic Double-cylinder Thermoplastic Kneader is one of the key machines for the construction of thermoplastic marking at present. With hydraulic drive as well as positive and reverse rotation controlled by multi-way reversing valve, the melting speed gets faster. It is mostly used in the construction of marking at the sites where fast melting is required such as freeway,State Highway,Provincial Highway etc.
Technical parameters
1.Outer dimensions(L*W*H):1620*1620*1550mm
2.Total weight of machine :850kg
3.Diesel engine power : 12KW (16HP)
4.Weight of coating to be melted:400KG*2(15~17bags of coating material)
5.Stirring speed :0~80r/min
6.Stirring mode :Four helical blades can rotate leftwards and rightwards to move coating up and down.
7.Heating temperature :0~300
8.Engine start method:Electrical(12V)/ Manual
9.Capacity of hydraulic oil tank :60L
10.Used fuel : LPG
It can be customized according to clients'requirements, such as the customization of materials (Steel plate, Stainless plate), overall dimension,capacity of kneader cylinder,and designated installation mode of diesel engine,and designated installation mode of diesel engine.

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